December 12, 2016

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Dr. Anant Moorthy and his wife Dr. Susheela

College Education Project For Poor Children
Dr. Anant Moorthy and his wife Dr. SusheelaThe Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya started this programme in 2008 for which Prof. C. V. Ramakrishnan has donated all his savings as well as the savings of his late wife Prof. R. Rajalakshmi, who was closely associated with our Ramakrishna Mission from her childhood. This project has attracted many donors (the list is given in separate section).

Dr. Anant Moorthy and his wife Dr. Susheela who retired as scientists of famous Brookhaven National Lab, USA and living in USA have donated $1,00,000 so that annual interest can be used for the project. As requested by them their donation will be called “Drs. Anant Moorthy and Susheela fund” for this project. The children are selected on a secular basis. The criteria for selection is that he/she should be the first in the family to attend college. The selected children will be given fees, free boarding and lodging, clothes, books and expenses to visit parents during vacation. Donations for this programme are tax-exempt both in India (under section 80G) and USA (under section 501 of the IRS code).

One-time donation of 5 lakh rupees or 8000 dollars will help to select one child at a time, i.e., when one child finishes the programme, another child can be selected. Along with the donation, donors are requested to send a note that the donation is for Coimbatore Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya for their College Education Project for Poor Children.

For donors in India

For donors in USA