December 11, 2016

Our Needs

 Free Mid-Day Meal :

Daily about 800 (eight hundred) students are given free mid-Day meal. These students are from financially weak families. We want to create a corpus fund of Rupees 3 crores so that this Mid-Day Meal scheme goes on for the benefit of the students.

The Balwadi, or the Kindergarten under the Swami Shivananda Higher Secondary School:

The children of this school are mostly from the families of daily-wage earners. Their classrooms, games-rooms, playground, etc. have to be improved substantially. Further, the children are given daily a nutritious drink made of soya, gram, etc. The capital investment needed for this unit is around Rs.7 lakhs, and the recurring annual expenditure needed is around Rs.50,000.

Construction of a new building for the TAT Kalanilayam Middle School:

The present building is more than 60 years old. Heavy rains are a constant threat to the old mud walls of the school. The wooden supports get eaten away by termites and need frequent replacement. A new building to house the school with about 25 rooms will approximately cost Rs.50 lakhs.

The Vidyalaya High School:

A new or a renovated and enlarged dormitory. Of the three hostel blocks of this institution, only one is in the oldest building, called the Meenakshi Mandapam, of the Vidyalaya. It is a tiled and cramped dormitory accommodating 100 students, instead of a reasonable 60. The roof is frequently attacked by white ants despite precautions. This is because the walls were built with stones using clay as the binding agent. A new stone and cement structure would cost around Rs. 15 lakhs, and only a full replacement of the tiled roof, without rebuilding the walls, would cost around Rs 5 lakhs.

Maintenance of the Swami Shivananda Sports School:

The needs of the students of this schools are met out of government grants to some extent. But the grant amount is inadequate. Besides, large amounts are needed for annual maintenance of the playgrounds, hostel building, etc. An amount of Rs 2 lakhs is necessary for the annual recurring expense, and a capital investment of Rs. 5 lakhs is needed for the development of grounds, hostel building, etc.


General maintenance of the Vidyalaya campus:

Since the Vidyalaya is situated in a sprawling area of about 300 acres, a lot of money is spent for the maintenance of its roads, cleanliness, sanitary system, supply of drinking water, security, electrical and telephone lines, afforestation, etc. The annual maintenance expenditure is around Rs. 4 lakhs. We appeal to devotees, friends, admirers and the generous public for financial help. Donations may be made in favour of Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya, Coimbatore. All donations are exempt from Income Tax under 80-G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

 Abstract of our needs:

Free Mid-Day Meal Corpus fund 3 Crores
Balwadi(Kindergarten): class rooms, games-rooms, etc 7.50 lakhs
T.A.T Kalanilayam Middle School: 25-room building 50.00 lakhs


The Vidyalaya High Schools dormitory:

New building 15.00 lakhs
Only change of roof 5.00 lakhs


Swami Shivananda Sports School:

Sports grounds, games-rooms etc. 5.00 lakhs
Annual recurring expense 2.00 lakhs


Vidyalaya Campus:

Supply of drinking water, landscaping, etc., (recurring) 4.00 lakhs